Client story

Solar powers ANZ climate goals

JLL is helping the bank meet its ambitious renewable energy targets


In 2009, JLL helped ANZ start its sustainability journey at its global HQ in Melbourne, Australia. More than a decade later, JLL is continuing to enable ANZ achieve its sustainability goals.


With ANZ setting a target to power 100% of its Australian operations by 2025, JLL helped ANZ upgrade its 140kW solar power system at the end of its lifecycle. A One JLL approach brought together our Sustainable Operations, Project Management and FM teams to deliver the upgrade while ensuring business continuity.


Working in close collaboration with ANZ, we were able to successfully deliver the upgraded solar energy system without defect or impact on the building’s operations. The new system met the client’s brief, maximized the available roof footprint and integrated with the existing building management systems. 

The new solar array comprises of 1,179 340W solar panels with an approximate area of 2,000 m2. The majority of the energy generated by the array is used by the building with a minimal amount being exported to the grid. To date, the array has generated more than 500MWh of clean energy.