Client story

A visionary showcase of the future of work.


Johannesburg, South Africa


First Floor, 8 Parks Boulevard: 447sqm

Ground Floor, 6 Parks Boulevard Retail: 362sqm plus Mezzanine level: 165sqm

Total Space: 974 sqm

The relocation of JLL and Tétris Design x Build into new premises allowed the business to demonstrate to clients the power of design and innovative thinking to create inclusive, flexible and inspiring workspaces.

The location, Oxford Parks, is a vibrant, pedestrian, park-styled urban precinct in Rosebank with retail offerings at ground level and offices above. The total space needed by the business exceeded any single space available. This challenge, combined with understanding emerging trends related to hybrid work in which employees prefer offices that include diverse and flexible workspaces, led to the innovation of having two workspaces in adjacent buildings.

The spaces are split on a ‘work needs’ basis. The one space on the first floor of 8 Parks Boulevard is a focused, quiet area with many small virtual meeting rooms, concentrated open plan desking with acoustic panels and a small kitchen. The second space, 6 Parks Boulevard, is at a retail level on the busy precinct and is a showroom for the ‘theatre of work’ concepts currently being explored as the concept of the office is re-imagined

The ground floor client showroom is a space for connection, collaboration, co-working and interaction. The design and fit-out combined two retail spaces and added a mezzanine level to create more space. At the core of this space is a feature cylinder which hosts a formal boardroom on the ground floor and an informal circular meeting workbench on the mezzanine level. Open plan desking, a conversation lounge and executive offices sit above meeting rooms, reception and work booths on the ground level. The adjoining space, alongside the formal meeting spaces, features a six-meter library table, cafe-style seating and bar stools next to a platform with counter-high workstations that can also be used as a presentation stage. Most notably, with double-volume glass windows, it has high visibility in the retail precinct and presents a showcase for new workspace configurations and furniture solutions. The inclusion of a popular coffee shop in the corner of the ground floor office forms a hub of constant traffic flow around the office space while serving as a coffee station for the JLL and Tétris visitors and teams.

The quieter working space on the first floor of 8 Parks Boulevard overlooks the showroom on the ground level. This space is the back office and working hub for team members needing to focus. It includes many small virtual rooms, team meeting rooms and concentrated open plan desking with a comfortable kitchen. Informal meeting areas are softly furnished work pods and hanging padded felt dividers that help dampen noise levels while providing pockets of space. A large portion of the furniture in this space is refurbished from existing office furniture. Desks were cut down to smaller sizes, legs and surfaces were recoated, and lockers spray painted and fitted with new handles and locks to make attractive storage space.

The separate workspaces share common colours, textures and furniture, providing continuity for the brand and are visually connected within the active precinct. The ground floor retail space showcases new furniture designs manufactured by Tétris Furniture Solutions, feature pieces from local designers, and imported signature brand chairs. This blend of furniture provides a rich demonstration of workspace options for clients while providing flexibility for staff in their daily work environment.

In both workspaces, attention to detail and the inclusion of beautiful materials and finishes create a sense of welcoming comfort. In the showroom downstairs, brass inlays, timber flooring and terrazzo tiles with couches and marble coffee tables are complimented with original artworks provided by the Berman Contemporary art gallery as a rotating exhibition space. On the first floor, quartz and timber countertops, virtual meeting rooms with deep red or subtly patterned wallpaper finishes, and soft hanging light features result in a range of inviting areas for working.

The combined power of the innovative use of space, workspace design focused on the visual and physical comfort of the end user, and a range of work style configurations has resulted in an office culture that is proudly on brand for both JLL and Tétris Design and Build.